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Birthdate:Apr 24
Location:Paris, France
I am Porthos the Great! Pirate that has plundered about the seven seas! One who keeps company with the Queen of America and Czarina of Japan! Famous for my adventures throughout the known world!

But I am for King and Country above all.

Defender of justice and my friends.

I am a Musketeer.


Porthos is a fictional character in the novels The Three Musketeers, Twenty Years After and The Vicomte de Bragelonne by Alexandre Dumas, père. He and the other two musketeers Athos and Aramis are friends of the novel's protagonist, d'Artagnan (see D'Artagnan Romances). He carries a sword that Aramis nicknamed Balizarde.

In The Three Musketeers his family name is du Vallon. In Twenty Years After, after a successful wedding, he is first known as du Vallon de Bracieux de Pierrefonds, then he earns the title of baron.

Porthos, honest and slightly gullible, is the extrovert of the group, enjoying wine, women and song. His eating abilities even impress King Louis XIV during a banquet at Versailles. As the story advances, he looks more and more of a giant, and his death is that of a titan.

At the time of The Three Musketeers (ca. 1627) he apparently has few lands or other resources to draw from. He was finally able to extract sufficient funds from an elderly lawyer's somewhat younger wife (whom he was romancing) to equip himself for the Siege of La Rochelle.

The fictional Porthos is very loosely based on the historical musketeer Isaac de Portau.

Taken from Wikipedia. For more info on The Three Musketeers (novels), follow the cited link above.


PLEASE NOTE: The views and opinions reflected by the pup are not necessarily those of the mun, and should therefore be taken with a grain of salt! I CANNOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR ANYTHING HE MIGHT SAY OR IMPLY OF FEMALE PLAYERS, INCLUDING CALLING THEM THINGS SUCH AS "WENCH,""BARMAID,""STRUMPET," OR THE LIKE. >.>

He's honestly a noble gentleman. ....Most of the time. :D

Also, it should be noted that this incarnation of Porthos comes from the 1993 Disney movie, The Three Musketeers, and will be following said movie's canon. Any incongruities or discrepancies in this character versus the book character are, more than likely, noted and intended, so please don't chase me with a pitchfork if I don't get every detail of his personage correct. PLEASE RELAX - IT'S JUST A MOVIE.


Porthos is from the books about the Three Musketeers and the 1993 Disney movie, and is the property of Alexandre Dumas/Walt Disney Pictures. He appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [info]milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.

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